Saturday, 21 September 2013

Honda Jazz Hybrid 2012 Fuel Consumption

To record the fuel consumption of my Jazz Hybrid 2012. The average speed is included as well, as I believe it is a key factor in fuel consumption, lower average speed means more city traffic jam drive (higher fuel consumption); higher average speed mean more highway cruising (lower fuel consumption).

27-Jan-2013: Petronas RM54 (28.42 L) travel 455.9 KM with average speed of 31 KM/H: 6.234 L/100KM or 16.04 KM/L.

12-Feb-2013: BHP RM59.01 (31.06L) travel 557.1 KM with average speed of 29 KM/H (there was a long idling waiting time waiting for wife and also being serviced in Honda SC): 5.575 L/100KM or 17.95 KM/L.

18-Feb-2013: BHP RM46.50 (24.47L) travel 502.1 KM with average speed of 48 KM/H (include 380 KM highway travel): 4.87 L/100KM or 20.52 KM/L.

22-Feb-2013: Caltex RM52.39 (27.572L) travel 517.1 KM with average speed of 51 KM/H (include 380 KM highway travel): 5.33 L/100KM or 18.75 KM/L. Look like BHP gives better FC for a similar route (compare with 18-Feb-2013).

03-Mar-2013: Caltex RM57.83 (30.436L) travel 522.2 KM with average speed of 30 KM/H: 5.83 L/100KM or 17.16 KM/L. As comparison with BHP (the same route of 12-Feb-2013), Caltex looks like consume more petrol.

19-Mar-2013: Mobil RM53.62 (28.222L) travel 504.4 KM with average speed of 29 KM/H: 5.60 L/100KM or 17.87 KM/L.

12-Apr-2013: BHP RM24.51 (12.9L) travel 286.7 KM with average speed of 76 KM/H (100% highway travel from Seremban to Johor with speed between 100~110 KM/H): 4.5 L/100KM or 22.22 KM/L. Impressive, isn't it?

I managed to get an ECU and IMA firmware upgrade on one of the day (i forgot the exact date); after that my FC improved.

16-Sept-2013: Caltex 21.145L travel 451.7 KM (90% highway travel from Seremban to Parit Buntar, Perak) with speed between 100~110 KM/H): 4.68 L/100KM or 21.36 KM/L. (It is about 6.4% different from the Trip meter).

22-Sept-2013: Caltex 31.16L travel 603.8 KM (400 KM highway with moderate jam) with speed between 100~110 KM/H): 5.16 L/100KM or 19.38 KM/L.


  1. This is my fuel consumption since I got the car...

  2. You have a very good FC, mostly below 5 L/100KM.

  3. You have pretty good FC. Do you try to keep within the green zone when driving?

  4. I have recently purchased a jazz hybrid about 6 months ago and I am only getting about slightly above 420 km per RM68 petrol, your seem to be better mileage

  5. I'm using jazz hybrid bought end 2014
    Full tank I cannot manage to drive 500km
    What happen to my car?