Monday, 31 March 2014

Honda Jazz Hybrid Owner Review

It was unexpected to own a Honda Jazz Hybrid on 18-Jan-2013. The RM 8, 000 discount removed my hesitation on buying a 2012 made car. Also, thanks my salesman for lending me his Honda Jazz Hybrid for a long duration of test drive.

The other important consideration is to have a Completely Build Unit (CBU) from Japan rather than Completely Knock Down (CKD) from Malacca, Malaysia. Aside from the potential build quality concern, the lower price tag (RM 89, 900 vs. RM 94, 800) does not justify the reduced specifications.

CBU over CKD:
  • Rear Solid Disc braking system.
  • Ground Clearance: 20 mm lower.
  • Automatic Headlight and Wiper system.
  • Seat-belt reminder for both front and rear seat.
  • Steering Wheel Audio Control and Cruise Control
  • Side Airbags and Side Curtain Airbags.

CKD over CBU:
  • Wheelbase: 5 mm longer.
  • Curb Weight: 7 kg lighter.

After "scrutiny" the car, here is my extraordinary review on the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

What I Like:
  • Handling, surprisingly the car drive well exceeded my expectation. Tackling city corner with speed confidently.
  • Power, the car does not feel sluggish at all even in ECO mode. Go up hill and typical overtaking is effortless.
  • Spacious and versatile, practical for a small family with 85% of time doing city touring.
  • Rear seat reclining.
  • Dashboard design is nice and solid. The fitting quality is good with consistent gap and very minimal rattling sound.

What I Dislike:
  • Tyre Noise. The 175/65/R15 Michelin XM1 (why it is not XM2) is noisy and hard! You can feel the hardness when drive through rough surface.
  • Cable management, the passenger seat belt sensor cable is placed externally versus the driver's. Thus, during car cleaning, please be gentle on the cable.
  • Lack of sound proof and damping material resulting NVH is not as good as Toyota Prius C (Prius C is not comfortable either, aside from better NVH, the seat is less comfortable and less leg room).
  • This is the rear suspension area, there is zero damping and sound proof material.
    This is the area between the boot and the rear seat, there is sound proofing material (but I think it is not the high grade type) and zero damping material.
  • Use of Polyfoam material: the boot area shown in above picture and front passenger floor place (below picture, need to remove the black color floor mattress). I'm not sure the durability of it and if it breaks can I claim warranty?
    The black color floor mattress at the driver floor space does not cover up to the end of firewall, exposing the sound proof material. So, please be careful when you do vacuum, don't damage it.
Despite the "Dislike", the overall package Honda Jazz Hybrid offers is value for money. For the NVH issue, it is very subjective (I did see a Mark X owner sound proof the whole car, but to me the stock sound proof is good enough). There is always after market solution which can really do a great job.

Wish List:
  • Front Parking Sensor, the nose is short and not visible to the driver, it will be helpful to have the front parking sensor to avoid "kissing".
  • Printed Antenna, it will look sleeker and better aerodynamic (I think).
  • Configurable Auto-Stop or improve the Auto-Stop logic. For example: disable Auto-Stop when preparing to turn at a junction, the engine stop when you approaching the junction (as usual you press the brake to check the traffic) and immediately the engine start again (you release the brake) as the traffic is clear to made the turn.
  • Although The Jazz has plenty of space, I do prefer to have less "intrusive" dashboard to increase the roominess further. Also, redesign the angle of the dashboard near the knee area. My knee keeps knocking the dashboard while driving.

  1. To enable door lock/unlock buzzer
    • Disarm the car. Open the driver's door, passenger's door and click open the bonnet.
    • Put in the key and turn it to II, wait for 15 seconds.
    • Key in the Cobra Pin (4 digits number, provided together with the car key) at the alarm control panel button next to the USB port.
    • After key in all the pin, once you see the indicator lights blink, press the control panel button and hold it for about 3 seconds, tills you hear a beep sound. Release the button. (If fail, try to key in the pin again).
    • Adjust the buzzer volume by pressing the control panel button until to a desire volume. Remove the key, close the doors and bonnet.
  2. To "play-around" auto-stop
    • Under long waiting traffic light, you may want the aircond to work under normal mode, especially when kids are aboard.
    • Put the gear to N, pull the handbrake and release the brake. the petrol engine will run and so for the aircond compressor.
    • When the light turn green, put the gear to D and release the handbrake.
  3. To adjust the speedometer ambient light brightness
    • While the headlight is on, turn left or right the Select/Reset knob (the stick to switch between Trip A and Trip B).
      You can also press the SEL/RESET button to switch between Trip A and Trip B.
      Service Interval Conspiracy Theory: The service interval of Malaysia's Honda Jazz Hybrid is 5000 KM. Let's see what is the service interval in other country:
      • South Africa: 15, 000 KM
      • UK: 10, 000 Miles (16, 093 KM)
      • Singapore (Insight): 10, 000 KM
      • From the owner manual:
        • On vehicle without Service Book: 20, 000 KM
        • Ukraine: 15, 000 KM
      From the owner manual, it says "5000 KM service interval is considered as severe schedule and is required in some countries" Look like Malaysia is more "severe" than South Africa, what is the rationale behind? You know, I know, Sky Know and Ground Know! Please service your car "regularly" to avoid void of warranty:

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        1. Quite a good review and I do agree with the sound proofing of the car, this is the first thing I notice when I test drive the car.

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          2. And the maintenance cost also burst with 5000km intervals in Malaysia

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        4. The Honda Jazz Hybrid is a hybrid car with a gasoline engine which charges an electric motor, it's about 4 meters long and has 5 seats. It's a car technically evolved that guarantees minimum consumption, easy to handle and comfortable to drive, especially in cities. However the interior is covered in plastic, and the purchase price is a bit too high (about 20,000 dollars). Your blog is wonderful!

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